I'm an aspirant developer.

About me

I'm a young developer from Italy, and I'm the co-creator of Yamamura, a highly customizable Discord bot. I also have a blog; you can find it at Samplasion's Blog.


Here you can find a list of all the importand projects I've had an impact on. The book icon means that the project is under my own Git account (i.e. I made it or I forked it). The branch icon means that I am part of the project's development team.

Here's a list of the programming languages I know. Next to each language, there's a meter, indicating the level of familiarity I have with that language. For example, my level of familiarity with {{langList[0].name}} is {{langList[0].value}}/100. The level of familiarity is determined by me empirically, meaning it's not the result of a test.

The languages I know